Michael Kemp
Co-Founder: Xiphos Research Labs, Birmingham

Michael is an experienced UK based security consultant, with a specialization in the penetration testing of web applications and the testing of compiled code bases and DB environments to destruction. As well as the day job, Michael has been published in a range of journals and magazines, including heise, Network Security, Inform IT and Security Focus. To date, Michael has worked for NGS Software, CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation), British Telecom, and a host of freelance clients throughout the globe. Presently, Mike is working in a day job for Xiphos Research Labs (which he really has no choice in as he set it up). When not breaking things, Michael enjoys loud music, bad movies, weird books and writing about himself in the third person. Mike has previously presented at security conferences in Jakarta, Hawaii, New York, Los Angeles, Warsaw, Prague, Holland, Zagreb, Krakow, Quebec, and London (on subjects as diverse as virtualisation, malware, and why the government sucks), and is always keen to embarass himself in new and exotic locales.

Co-founder , Vulnerability Researcher - SignalSEC

Celil Ünüver is co-founder of SignalSEC and exploiting instructor at BGA . He is responsible for vulnerability research - intelligence department at SignalSEC. He specialize in Perl, ARM Assembly,Vulnerability Discovery, Reversing , Malware Analysis and Economics. He has found a lot of vulnerabilities in big vendors' products. (Adobe , Novell, Microsoft, Aol , IBM etc.). He was speaker at CONFidence 2010 , Swiss Cyber Storm 3 , IstSec 2011 , AnkaSec 2010.

Maximiliano Soler
Security Researcher,FireCAT, Argentina

Maximiliano Soler working as Security Analyst, in a International Bank. He has discovered vulnerabilities in different web applications and Microsoft's products. He is part of the team that day by day, contributes with newness on Vulnerability Database and responsible from FireCAT.

Lt Col (Retd) Deepak Rout
Chief Information Security & Privacy Officer - Uninor

Deepak has 20 years of distinguished experience in technology management and leadership roles; he is currently the Chief Information Security & Privacy Officer for Uninor; a high-tech, green-field and rapidly expanding Telecom major with pan-India service foot print. Previously, he has worked as a group head (Information Security) at Infosys. During his professional carrier, Deepak has contributed significantly in several roles including Technology Strategy, Business Process Management, IT Risk Management, Strategic Cost Reduction, Security Architecture, Consulting & Operations, Vendor Governance and Talent Transformation.

He is an alumnus of the National Defence Academy (NDA), the Indian Military Academy (IMA) and has rich experiences with the Indian Army. Deepak is academically oriented with a brilliant record all throughout his academic and professional career. He has contributed several research and futuristic papers during his military days in areas of Information Warfare, Cyber Security, Automated Intelligence Collation etc. He is known for his outstanding contribution in areas of Intelligence, Security and Technology.

He is an Advisor to DSCI, a Director with ISACA, Delhi and a member of CSO Forum, GSMA Security Group etc, where he demonstrates thought leadership in the domains of Technology Management, Information Security, Privacy, Telecom Security, Risk Management, Business Continuity etc. Deepak has travelled globally and participated in several professional forums as a speaker, panellist and chairperson. He is a winner of CIO-100 Awards for 2010 and 2011 as also Top 100 CISO Awards for 2011.

He is inclined towards reading and writing in addition to his passion for travel and social service.

Vivek Ramachandran
Founder and CEO - SecurityTube.net

Vivek Ramachandran started working on Wi-Fi Security since 2003. He has spoken at conferences such as Blackhat, Defcon and Toorcon on Wireless Security and is the discoverer of the Caffe Latte attack. He also broke WEP Cloaking, a WEP protection schema in 2007 publically at Defcon. Vivek is the author of the book "Wireless Penetration Testing using BackTrack 5" due for release in August 2011. He was one of the programmers of the 802.1x protocol and Port Security in Cisco's 6500 Catalyst series of switches. He was one of the winners of Microsoft Security Shootout contest held in India among a reported 65,000 participants. He is best known in the hacker community as the founder of SecurityTube.net where he routinely posts videos on Wi-Fi Security, Assembly Language, Exploitation Techniques etc. SecurityTube.net gets over 100,000 unique visitors a month. Vivek's work on wireless security has been quoted in BBC online, InfoWorld, MacWorld, The Register, IT World Canada etc. places. This year he is either speaking or training at Blackhat, Defcon, 44con, Hacktivity, HITB-ML, Brucon, Derbycon, HashDays, SecurityByte and MIT, Boston.

Vinod Kumar Agrasala
Managing Director & Principal Consultant - Wings2i IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

Vinod is a richly experienced and established professional in the field of IT Service Management, based in Bangalore, India. He is a certified 'ITIL® Expert'. He was engaged by numerous global organizations as expert consultant in the areas of Service management, ITIL®, ISO/IEC 20000 and ISO/IEC 27001. Vinod is distinguished in the industry for his training skills as well, having trained more than 1500 professionals at various levels of ITIL® and ISO/IEC 20000. In his overall career spanning around 15 years, Vinod has worked in different capacities in operations to quality management to consultancy and trainings in global organizations like Wipro Technologies, QAI, IBM Global services, Microland, Modi Xerox and GLOPORE IMS.

Vishnu Tiwari
Account Technology Specialist, A Leading CMM Level 5 Organization

Mr. Vishnu Tiwari, MVP Microsoft BizTalk Server and Member of Developer Group Advisory Council at Microsoft, is an experienced solution architect and seasoned speaker. He has spoken on various Technical Summits and Organizations. He is working as Account Technology Specialist with one of the leading organization in the country. Focused on Cloud Technology research and development, Mr. Tiwari will enlighten us on “Security and Privacy Risks of Cloud Computing”. The session will be followed by two small demos demonstrating the SQL/XML Injection and Access Control Management. Below is the link of Mr. Tiwari’s MVP profile. https://mvp.support.microsoft.com/profile=69C4562A-917D-4894-8D25-66726940D388

Santosh Satam
Head, Technical Services, MIEL e-Security Pvt. Ltd.

Santosh Satam, has 20+ years of global experience and in the current role as practice head in MIEL, one of the largest pure play Information Security Company in India, He provides expertise in Information Security to Multinational Corporations, Financial Institutions, Telco’s, Government Agencies, and IT Product/Services Companies. Security He has been speaking at various ISACA Conferences and events in India and Abroad on topics such as Web Application Security, SSDLC, and AS400 Security. He is a leading expert in the field on Application Security and he has conducted several dozen workshops on Application Security for ISACA members.

He has conducted web and mobile application security assessments in the diversified sectors such as Banking and Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing, Information Technology & IT Enabled Services, Healthcare, and Government. He also speaks at various public forums and TV media channels to spread the awareness about Cyber Security.

Aseem Jakhar
Payatu Labs

Aseem "@" Jakhar is the chief researcher at Payatu Technologies, a startup in information security trainings and consulting, with extensive experience in system programming, security research and consulting. He has worked on various security products and tools. He has been a speaker at various security conferences including Defcon, Xcon, Blackhat EU, Clubhack, IBM Security & Privacy Bangalore, Cocon, ISACA Bangalore, Bangalore Cyber secuity summit, National Police Academy Cyber crime seminar Hyderabad. He is also the founder of null - The open security community (registered not-for-profit organization, http://null.co.in). The focus and mission of null is advanced security research, awareness and assisting Govt./private organizations with security issues. null currently has eight active chapters throughout India and is now planning to expand outside India as well. One of the null initiatives is nullcon security conference http://nullcon.net which is a favourite go-to destination for hackers and security professionals in the Indian sub-continent.

Information security Professional
Affiliations: (ISC)2, EC council, null security and hacking community.

Prashant is CISSP, CEH & BE, security consultant with 7+ years in IT industry. Currently Prashant is working for Infosys. Prashant has conducted vulnerability assessment and penetration testing on networks and web applications. Prashant was speaker at nullcon 2011. Topic of presentation was “JSON fuzzing a new approach”. Prashant is active member of null and OWASP Bangalore chapter.

Srikar Sagi
Architect - Security Solutions (Security Architecture & Engineering), PayPal India

Total of 16+ Years into building Secure & Reliable Systems at the lowest cost possible for organizations with valuable knowledge in Information Security & Risk Management, Infrastructure/ Application & Data Security, Threat Modeling, Writing Security Standards, Designing & Building Enterprise Security Architecture, Execution of Strategies & Programs to Mitigate Information Risks, Developing Secure Applications, Writing Standards for Cryptographic Usage & PKI/Cryptography Architectural Solutions, Reviewing Security Architecture, Security Risk Analysis & Mitigation, Verification of Security Compliance for Data Privacy, Implementing Compliance Programs

Anant Shrivastava
Senior Systems Engineer , Infosys

Anant is working as a information security professional at Infosys technologies Pvt ltd. He is a regular player of various CTF some notable ones

  • 1st Prize @ HackIM-nullcon
  • 1st Prize @ BattleUnderground-nullcon
  • 3rd Prize @ HITB-precon(3rd)

He holds a CEH and RHCE certification and comes from a rich background of web application development to system and server administration. Currently focused towards the Information security field. His work can be found at http://anantshri.info and http://blog.anantshri.info

Gursev Singh Kalra
Managing Consultant, Foundstone Professional Services/McAfee

Gursev Singh Kalra serves as a Managing Consultant at Foundstone Professional Services, A Division of McAfee. Gursev was a speaker at ToorCon 2010, NullCon 2011 and ClubHack 2009. Gursev has authored an open source SSL cipher enumeration tool SSLSmart. Gursev has also developed several internal tools for internal/external network assessments and loves to code in Ruby and C#.

Suhas Desai
Senior Consultant – Aujas Networks

A distinguished Senior Consultant of Aujas Networks, At Aujas, he is handling Mobile Security Services. He is responsible for growth of Mobile Security Services. His extensive experience in Mobile Technology spreads across iApps Security, Mobile PKI, Mobile Apps (Android, J2ME), USSD/DSTK Apps, Mobile VAS, SIM card and Mobile Payment’s Security services. Prior to joining Aujas Networks, he has worked with Tech Mahindra.

A frequent speaker at prominent industry and customer forums, Desai has been on technical advisory committees for prestigious National and International conferences. He has delivered over 350 conference talks on software & mobile security across the globe including OSSPAC’09, Singapore; INTEROP 2009, Mumbai; STeP-IN 2010 Bangalore; MOSC 2010, Kuala Lumpur; OSBizConference 2010, Malaysia; ‘Mobile VAS in Growth Markets summit’, 2010, Dubai ; ClubHack 2009, Pune; c0c0n 2010, Cochin and ‘4th Mobile Commerce Summit ASIA’, 2011, Kuala Lumpur.

He is a proud author of several research papers for reputed journals and magazines in Security, RFID and Image Processing domain. He also contributes features for Linux for You, Linux+ and Linux Journal magazines.

Akash Mahajan
Web Security Consultant, Freelancer akashm.com

Akash is a Certified Ethical Hacker with more than 8 years of experience in Application and Network Security. Before becoming an expert security consultant he was a technical lead for one of the leading American commercial security software companies specialising in end point security. He started in security working on web infrastructure for the government of India.

Along with his day job Akash is heavily involved in the wider global security community, ranging from contributing signatures for malware detection to Emerging Threats, a US DoD funded group of volunteers, to being one of the founders of null The Open Security Group, India’s foremost non-profit computer security organisations. null is very involved in providing expert security advice to companies, organisations and even the government of India.

When not working or advising you’ll find Akash speaking at industry conferences on all things computer security related. Recently ISRO invited Akash to give a talk at Computing Technology for Space 2011 conference. Forbes India featured him in their 'Ask The Insider' column on hackers in August 2010. He won the pre nullcon Hack Challenge in 2010.

Ankur Bhargava
Application Security Professional, IBM India Software Labs

Ankur Bhargava is Working with Appscan Team as a security researcher in IBM India Software Labs, his daily job includes research in Web application security, Penetration Testing. He is a Certified Ethical Hacker and has worked with Infosys Technologies where he did research on Malware Analysis, Penetration Testing, Mobile Penetration Testing. Ankur was a speaker at C0C0N 2010. where he presented his paper on topic “Client Side Exploits Using PDF”. Ankur is active member of null and OWASP Bangalore chapter.

Head, Research and Development, XCySS Pvt. Ltd.

A Cloud Security Researcher & Auditor, professional speaker as well as Chief Security Researcher (CSR) at whitehat‘People’ - an open security consortium, having years of experience in cloud security, pentesting, auditing, identity fraud and compliance. Have certain number of research and conference publications in his name. One of the core members of Cloud Audit/A6 standards workgroup working directly with Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), drafted under Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). Also one of the chief planners of Security B-Sides India Chapter and is involved with various government and industry bodies including TRAI (GOI), IEEE, ACM, GTRA etc.

Prashant Mahajan
null Evangelist/Corrupt , null

Prashant is an independent Security Researcher with expertise in cyber crime investigation and penetration testing. He has trained police departments of Pune. Haryana & assist in Cyber Crime Investigations. He has conducted various security training, camps, workshops. He has been a speaker and designed/developed Capture the Flag (CTF) at security conferences like ClubHACK 2009/2010, nullcon 2010/2011, c0c0n 2010/2011. He is the null Pune Moderator, and leads null Jobs (http://jobs.nullcon.net).

Vinoth Sivasubramanian
Project manager – Information Security (UAE Exchange)

Currently working as a project manager Information security for a financial services organization, where he is responsible for achieving substantial assurance in audit related activities and implementing activities that reduces the overall value of residual risk. He is one of the founding members of ISSA UAE and have presented at conferences such as the CISO round table conducted by MISTI in UAE.

Name/Title of the presentation: Insider Risk Management

Rahul Sasi
Information Security Researcher - iSIGHT Partners

Rahul is working as an Info Security Researcher for iSIGHT partners. He has responsibly disclosed vulnerabilities/Bugs to Google, Apache, Banking sectors and many IT giants. Rahul has topped many CTF contests conducted by Verisign, HITB, NUll, OWASP, and has authored articles for Sans,Clubhack etc. His work could be found at www.fb1h2s.com and www.Garage4Hackers.com.

Antriksh Shah
null Co-ordinator, null The Open Security Community

Antriksh is a Security Analyst from Goa. He is associated with null The Open Security Community and its initiatives, also organizing its annual flagship conference called nullcon. His area of interest are in VAPT, Web Application Security, Network Auditing & Forensics. A Microsoft student partner and a Microsoft Certified Professional. He is very active with Pune Cyber Crime Branch and assisting them with investigation cases.

Application Security Professional, Infosys Technologies

Mrigesh joined Infosys as a fresher in September 2010 and is currently employed there as a security researcher for Infosys Labs, where he specializes in research on Web Application, Cloud and Mobile Security (particularly Android). Currently his area of interest is around Malware Analysis, Android Security. He is active member of null and OWASP Bangalore chapter.

Satish Bommisetty
Security Analyst

Working as web application penetration tester since 2007. Pentested over 150 web applications during these 4 years. Recently started working on reverse engineering of binaries, WLAN security and mobile application hacking. Developed a compiler for functional testing tool.

Sagar Rahurkar
Head (Maharashtra) at Asian School of Cyber Laws

Sagar Rahurkar is a Law graduate. He is Head (Maharashtra) at Asian School of Cyber Laws. He specializes in Cyber Law, Intellectual Property Law and Corporate Law.

He teaches officials from law enforcement agencies, corporates, international delegates and students on Cyber legal related issues.

He is also a member of ASCL Computer Emergency Response Team under which he has investigated many Cyber Crime cases.

He regularly provides consultancy to Corporates and media.

He has presented his papers at various conferences like, CyberAttack, NULLCON, c0c0n, International Seminar on Cyber Laws organised by Delhi University, etc.

He is a regular columnist of the “Chmag” – India’s first hacking magazine.

His article on Indian Cyber legal scenario has been recently published in Pentest Magazine which is one of the pioneer magazine in Information Security world.

Pushkar Pashupat
Information security Professional

Pushkar has been working into the field of Information Security to follow his passion into research. His recent assignment was with Microworld Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd, developers of eScan Anti-Virus and Content Security products, as a Junior Malware Analyst. Currently his area of interest encircles around Malware Analysis and reverse Engineering. Pushkar has presented at “National Seminar on Recent Trends in Wireless and Mobile Security, Pune-2011” on the topic of “Wireless and Mobile Security”

Riyaz Walikar
Solution Architect

Riyaz Walikar is working as a Solution Architect at one of India's leading IMS providers and has been active in the security community for the past 6 years. Riyaz currently heads the Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing team and has worked on myriad computing environments. He is also an active member of null - The open security community (registered not-for-profit organization, http://null.co.in) for the last couple of years and currently interact out of the Bangalore Chapter for which he is the unofficial moderator. The focus and mission of null is advanced security research, awareness and assisting Govt./private organizations with security issues. One of the null initiatives is nullcon security conference http://nullcon.net which is a favourite go-to destination for hackers and security professionals in the Indian sub-continent. He is actively involved with Vulnerability Research in popular Web Applications and Network aware services and has disclosed several security issues in popular software like Apache Archiva, Openfire, Joomla!, EJabberd, .NET Script Injection Bypass and several popular websites over the past few years.

Jajula Srinivasa Rao
Dept of ECE - Gudlavalleru Engineering College, AP , India.

Jajula Srinivasa Rao is currently pursuing M.tech from Gudlavalleru Engineering College, JNTU, KAKINADA, in the ECE Department”

Kavitha Kadambi
Director Information Systems, Security & Special Projects at OnMobile Global.

Kavitha Kadambi is Director Information Systems, Security & Special Projects at OnMobile Global. Besides this, at OnMobile she has led the Data Products Business Unit in India. Prior to OnMobile she was with Infosys technologies, playing several roles in software engineering, program management and account management. She has a Masters Degree in Telecommunications & Software Engg from Illinois Institute of Technology, and BE from BMS College, Bangalore

Ahamed Nafeez
Infosec Researcher

Computer Science Graduate from India. He is a CCNA, CCNA Security , CCIE Security (Written). He does pen-testing and InfoSec Research with more stress on Network Security. An active OWASP, chennai member. Have conducted many workshops all over Tamil Nadu on Information Security.

Bala Kumar
Infosec Researcher

Bala Kumar is currently doing Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and Engineering at Sri Sairam Institute of Technology, Chennai. He presented a paper on “Content Aware Distribution Systems in P2P with Bandwidth Puzzles” at Madras Institute Of Technology, Anna University, Chennai.

Mohamed Emraanullah
Infosec Researcher

>Mohamed Emraanullah is currently doing Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and Engineering at Sri Sairam Institute of Technology, Chennai. He presented a paper on “Content Aware Distribution Systems in P2P with Bandwidth Puzzles” in Madras Institute Of Technology.

S. Sai Sushanth
Final Year Law student (5 yrs LLB COURSE, Osmania University, India)

MS In Cyber Law And Cyber Security (Masters Prog – Final Yr)
(Completion In May 2012) From National Law University, Jodhpur
Final year Of 5 Year Integrated B.A.LLB (Hons) Course. (Completion in May 2012)
From Osmania University, Hyderabad
Specialised Areas

  • Cyber Law, Security And Audit
Cyber Law Specialisation
  • Diploma In Cyber Law - Asian School Of Cyber Laws
  • Online Course In E-Commmerce Laws - Asian School Of Cyber Laws
  • Diploma In Cyber Crime Prosecution And Defence - Asian School Of Cyber Laws
  • PG Program In Cyber Law –Asian School Of Cyber Laws (Currently Pursuing)
Cyber Crime Investigation And Analysis
  • ASCL Certified Cyber Crime Analyst - Asian School Of Cyber Laws
  • ASCL Certified Cyber Crime Investigator - Asian School Of Cyber Laws
Intellectual Property Rights Qualification
  • Diploma In I.P.R (Intellectual Property Rights) - Asian School Of Cyber Laws
Cyber Forensics Qualification
  • IFS Certified Advanced Specialisation In Cyber Forensics
  • Data 64 Certified Cyber Forensic Professional (Currently Pursuing)
Cyber Security Specialisation
  • Online Course In Hacking And Security - Asian School Of Cyber Laws
  • Data 64 Certified Network Penetration Testing Professional
  • PG Program In Cyber Security And Incident Response (Currently Pursuing) - Asian School Of Cyber Laws
  • Web Hacking And Security Professional (Currently Pursuing) - Data 64 And Asian School Of Cyber Laws
  • Data 64 Program In Information Security Essential (Currently Pursuing) - Data 64 And Asian School Of Cyber Laws
  • Program In Advanced Cyber Security Concepts – (Currently Pursuing) Data 64 And Asian School Of Cyber Laws
Advanced Executive Program In Cyber Security, Audit & Compliance
  • Advanced Executive Program In Cyber Security ,Audit & Compliance (Currently Pursuing)
Cyber Security Compliance Audit
  • Data 64 Certified Compliance Auditor (Currently Pursuing)
  • Data 64 Certfied Information Security Auditor (Currently Pursuing)
Digital Evidence Analysis
  • Data 64 Certified Digital Evidence Analyst (Currently Pursuing)
  • BIZ AND LEGIS(B&L) – Corporate & Litigation International Law Firm