I. What is Kid Glove?

Kid Glove is an initiative to create awareness among teachers, parents and children. Kid Glove was launched in 2015 as part of c0c0n – International Information Security & Hacking Conference held annually.

c0c0n XI – 2018 is the 11th Edition of our Annual International Hacking and Cyber Security Briefing. Kerala Police had been spearheading the Conference in the past nine editions, along with the Information Security Research Association - India Chapter (ISRA - a registered non-profit organization) in association with the POLCYB-(The Society for the Policing of Cyberspace), a not-for-profit society based in British Columbia, Canada.

II. What is Kid Glove CFP?

Kid Glove invites Call for Papers (CFP) from students and teachers from schools on topics on Child Online Safety.Students and teachers can submit their papers to Kid Glove. The papers will be evaluated by a CFP Review Committee. The best papers selected will get the opportunity to be presented in c0c0n XI – 2018 - International Information Security & Hacking Conference held on 05 – 06 October , 2018 at Grand Hyatt, Kochi, India.

III. How can I participate in the CFP?

A maximum of two students and two teachers can submit their papers from each school. The paper must be signed by the Principal of the school along with the seal.

IV. What is the eligibility criteria for the CFP submission?

Only students of class 9th, 10th, 11th& 12th can participate in the CFP. There is no specific restriction for teachers in submitting the CFP.

V. Is there a deadline for submitting the CFP?

The last date for submitting the CFP is 31st August, 2018 24:00 Hrs. IST. Any submission after this will not be accepted.

VI. Are there any charges for participating in the CFP?

No, there will not be any charges for participating in the CFP.

VII. What are the topics available for submitting the CFP?

The topics we recommend for the CFP follows

  • Students
    • Sleep, Screen & Teenagers
    • Impact of Cyber Bulling and Cyber Harassment
    • Identity Theft
    • Do students really require Smartphones?
    • Empowering children with digital citizenship
  • Teachers
    • Internet Addiction & Children
    • The role of teachers in the digital era
    • The need for teachers to cope up with Technology
    • How ICT can help in ensuring Child Online Safety
    • Why India should invest in Child Online Safety
  • However, you may also choose a topic of your choice in Child online Safety.

    VIII. How can I submit the CFP to Kid Glove?

    • Submission are accepted over the email only.
    • You can send the CFP to
    • Email subject should be: CFP Kid Glove - [Paper Title]
    • Submissions send to any other email IDs will not be accepted.

    The cover page of the CFP shall have the following details

    • Student/Teacher Name:
    • Job Role/Handle:
    • School Name:
    • Address:
    • Country:
    • Email ID:
    • Contact Number:

    IX. Can I send a CFP directly to Kid Glove?

    No, you cannot send a CFP directly to Kid Glove. You must get the signature and seal of the CFP from the principal.

    X. What happens if we send more than two CFP papers from each school?

    If we receive more that two CFP from teachers & students, the first two (students & teachers) will be accepted and the rest will summarily be rejected.

    Thomas Kurian Ambattu

    Ph: +91.94470-22081

    Akash Joseph Thomas

    Ph: +91.94974-65363

    Zeema Manu

    Ph: +91.81298-04224

    Please note that CFP submission send to the above mail IDs will not be accepted.

    XII. General Guidelines

    • The CFP will be reviewed by the review committee for selection to c0c0n XI – 2018.
    • Any CFP submitted without the signature and seal of the Principal for respective school shall summarily be rejected.
    • The decision of ISRA (Information Security Research Association) / CFP Review Committee shall be final.
    • There is no provision for re-assessment or re-valuation
    • The respective schools shall ensure that only two students and two teachers participate in the CFP.
    • CFP submitted after the last date will not be accepted.