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    11.00am - 13.00am

    IoT Hacking

    14.00am - 16.00am

OWASP KIDS VILLAGE OWASP Kids village is an Open space exclusively for Kids where there is so much playing around and exploring the insights of Digital World.


1. OWASP Dissector

  • Dissector is an event where the kids will be given a platform to knowthe gadgets in a more technical way.
  • They will be assigned a mentor who will completely open up the deviceand make them familiar with thecomponents and their every aspect.
  • This will help kids to scale up thebasics and have a good foundation to learn the technology.
  • At the end of the event kids will begiven a challenge to reassemble unit and make a complete working gadgetout of the scratch.
  • The kids will also get a chance tolearn small stuffs of hacking usingcustomized hardwires.
  • At its core, Kids glove has afundamental honor code, telling kids that “It’s your responsibility to usethese powers for good and onlygood.”
  • They will be taught to stick to thefollowing rules.
  • Only hack things you own
  • Don’t hack anything you rely on
  • Respect right of others
  • Know the law and possible risk and sequences for breaking it
  • Find a safe playground

2. OWASP Programmini

  • Programmini is an event where kids will be taught to code small gamesusing python and scratch programming.
  • Every kid will be assigned a mentor who will be helping them in gettinginto basics of programming, loops,Boolean based queries.
  • They will be taught to develop small games of their own.
  • The mentor will make them aware of basics of hacking and internet.
  • The objective of the event is to make them able to analyse the cyberthreat and deep dive into the day to day technology and risks associatedwith them as well as make their hands dirty in developing their owngames for fun.
  • They will also be given exposure to the world of web and attacks relatedto the web and privacy.
  • They will be taught to surf internet safely and avoid the risk of gettinghacked.
  • The event will end with an challenge to solve the CTF where kids canparticipate and top 5 winners will be tied with a mentor for that year,helping them getting sharpened for the next level.

2. OWASP DroneZone

  • Come and Experience the Drone Flying and learn how to fly Drones on your own.

Soldering is one of the essential skills in today’s world with applications ranging from electronics, jewellery, craft items to plumbing and metal work. Hackerwares is here to teach you how to solder with their OWASP logo inspired hardware. Come to learn how to solder resistor legs to our electronic insect and make it move with buzzing sound. It won't bite but beware, it'll get you hooked to it. In this fun workshop, participants will tinker with electronics and use their creativity.


Team –STEM Robotics Academy, Thrissur

Robotic exhibition which will include the following:


  • Raspberry – Turk, The Raspberry Turk is a robot that can play chess.
  • Humanoid robot
  • Gesture Robot

Robotic Games

  • Robot Football
  • Robo Race
  • Lazer Field

Live Robotic Training

  • Live training on Raspberry pi
  • Live training on arduino
  • Robotic training for children aged 6 years

There will be a showcase of upcoming robotic products and industrial automation projects.