Walking the dark roads of Darknet

by Rohit Srivastwa


Dark Web has become a big buzz word in the last few years. A lot is being written and spoken about it. Dark web is also being used as a ‘FUD’ factor to run businesses.

During this workshop we will take students through the reality of dark web and demystify facts from fiction. The participants would get insights to various products available and traded on the dark web. This will help you to get a better understanding of the importance of threat intelligence.


  • Learn and understand the difference between Clearnet and Darknet
  • Darknet, Deepweb , Darkweb – What does they mean
  • Operational security before entering the darker side of internet
  • Understand Darknet entry points
  • Setting and configuring the Darknet Entry Points (Tor, I2P, Zeronet etc)
  • Tor Hidden Services
  • Using Tor Web Proxies
  • Darknet /Deepweb Search Engines
  • Exploring the Darknet – Darknet Economies
    • Cyber Crime Markets
    • Drug and Arms Markets
    • Counterfeit and Fake Currency Markets
    • Terrorist and Jihadist Presence
  • Utilizing Darknet as definitive source for Threat Intelligence


  • Good knowledge of windows & linux platform.
  • Knowledge of running & troubleshooting a VM on own device.


Laptop having ability to access 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi network in an unrestricted / unfiltered nature. Enough memory to create and run a VM on hypervisor of your choice. A fresh VM of windows/linux


1 day


  • Cyber Investigators
  • Law enforcement officials
  • Enthusiast who want to see how dark web looks like


  • Fair understanding of deep net, dark net, deep web & dark web.
  • Hands on Exercises
  • Operational security
  • Expect to see some disturbing content accidentally, if you are one who can easily get offended, please avoid this workshop


  • Credit card numbers from dark net
  • Child porn from dark net
  • Passwords dumps
  • Database leaks
  • Solving a real world case


Rohit Srivastwa

Sr Director – Quick Heal Technologies Ltd

Rohit Srivastwa is a well known security evangelist and founder of India's first ever hackers conference and community called ClubHack. He has an expertise in cyber security and IT infrastructure management. Rohit is actively involved advising several military agencies, law enforcement personnel, media, corporate and Government bodies in these fields. Since Jan 2012 Rohit is awarded by prestigious Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award for six consecutive years in the domain of “Enterprise Security”. In June 2016, one of his company got acquired by Quick Heal Technologies where now he is heading "Cyber Education and Services" vertical. In the international cyber domain, the most recent and valuable responsibility on Rohit is of a liaison member at which is a consortium of CERTs from across the globe.