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Anticipation – the feeling & reality of security
03-24-2012, 12:27 AM
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Anticipation – the feeling & reality of security
When we talk about security, we always say that there is nothing like absolute security. But if there is no absolute security, then how do we measure security?.
We measure security always based on our judgment or it is our anticipation that the level of security is achieved. This value always keeps changing.
For example, let’s consider two aircrafts, one which has a thorough security-check before boarding and the second has a check while deplaning. Which one would you choose? Obviously we choose the first plane.
This decision is influenced by the following factors
1) Our experience An important factor, this is the learning which we had through what we saw, heard or dealt in the past. This varies from individual to individual. Another peculiarity of this factor is that this learning cannot be transferred or taught to another person. Only way to achieve is to go through the whole thing.
2) The environment The current environment influences a lot, the decision often changes depending on the current place or geography we are in. We assume that certain countries or places are more secure compared to other. Another example is that we feel more secure when we live in a house installed with security system even though we don’t know how efficient it is.
So the level of security we anticipate may not be the same in all cases.
As told by the security guru Bruce Schneier, “Security is both a feeling and a reality and they are not the same. You can be secure even though you don’t feel secure. And you can feel secure even though you’re not”

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