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11-21-2013, 01:33 AM
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Cryptolocker malware - very dangerous Malware program and it uses AES- 256 bit encryption on the compromised machines.

Please find the below info on this and find the attachment for McAfee Threat Advisory doc.
And also find some more info from the bleepingcomputer.
McAfee Labs has released a threat advisory for Ransom Cryptolocker. On execution, this ransomware locks the user's system thereby leaving the system in an unusable state. It also encrypts the list of file types present in the user system. The compromised user has to pay the attacker with ransom to unlock the system and to get the files decrypted.

The malware is propagated via malicious links in spam emails that lead to pages exploiting common system vulnerabilities. These exploit pages will drop Ransom Cryptolocker and other malicious executable files on the affected machine.

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