Geographically speaking, Kochi is a natural harbor situated at the delta of the river Periyar and surrounded by an archipelago of small islands. Connected by road, rail, air and water, Kochi connects the state of Kerala with the rest of the world since the 13th century. Owing to the accessibility, Kochi also has an amalgamation of diverse cultures from around the world. We are sure that you will fall in love with this vibrant, historic city.

A Fusion of Old and the New

Willingdon Island, one of the largest man-made Islands in India is a major attraction and so is the Paradesi Synagogue that was built in the year 1560, the first in India. St Francis CSI Church is the oldest European church in India. It was here that Vasco da Gama was buried.
Chinese fishing nets installed here in the 1300s are popular with tourists. If you are lucky, you may even get to see them in action, being pulled up with fresh fish jumping inside the net.

Jumping ahead a century or two, we get to Kochi, the cosmopolitan metropolis of Kerala, housing the State's most prestigious technology initiatives - Infopark and Smart City. SmartCity Kochi provides about 8.8 million sq ft of built up space for technological business infrastructure.

With this potpourri of history, culture, arts and technology, Kochi will keep you smitten for a very long time.


Fort Kochi and Mattancherry

Fort Kochi is the heart of Kochi. Don’t get confused by the name. Neither is the place fortified nor have a fort in there now. The Portuguese, the Dutch and the English came and left their marks in this small area in and around Fort Kochi and Mattancherry. The architecture and the ambience of the streets will transport you to a different era altogether.
Some other places of interest in the area are; St Francis Church, Jewish Synagogue and Mattancherry Palace, popularly known as the Dutch Palace.


Bolgatty Island and the Famous Bolgatty Palace

A small Island adjacent to Fort Kochi is renowned for the palace popularly known as the Bolgatty Palace. It was built by the Dutch in 1744 and was taken over by the British. Kerala Tourism Department Corporation (KTDC) runs a hotel and resort that has its own mini golf course and lovely honeymoon cottages. We will be having our conference here on this Island.


Ernakulam City

It is one of the most urbanized and populous cities in the State. You will find the more active parts of the city life in Ernakulam. The MG Road stretch is the biggest shopping hub in Kochi, lined with big shopping malls and branded stores on both sides for miles on end. If MG road doesn’t satisfy you, India’s biggest shopping mall, Lulu International Shopping mall is situated just outside the city limits. You can find just about everything there.


Tasty Cuisine

Kochi is a food lover’s paradise. If you are a first time visitor, you need to try the great Kerala cuisine. You can find some amazing cafés and restaurants in Fort Kochi and also in mainland
Kochi that provides rich and colourful dishes.
The Jew street and other streets of Mattancherry are lined up with shops that sell antiques and memorabilia.



The Cochin International Airport is accessible from all major cities across the world. The city is around 29 km away from the airport. You can easily take a taxi or a bus to reach your destination.

Kochi Metro - Currently the Kochi Metro is running from Maharajas College and Aluva stations.The work on the extension of the metro is in progress.

Trains - Kochi is connected to all the important railway stations in the country. Most of the trains traveling through Kerala, have a stop at one of the two main railway stations in Kochi – Ernakulam Town and Ernakulam Junction. From the railway station, you can easily take a taxi or a bus to reach your destination.

Buses - Kochi has a strong network of state-run bus services (KSRTC) that connects it to all the major cities in Kerala and some in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. AC deluxe bus services are available to Kochi from cities such as Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Trivandrum.

Cars - A wide network of national highways, state highways & local roads connect Kochi to major cities across India. Riding through the picturesque countryside of Kerala is an unforgettable experience in itself.