September 27-28, 2013
Trivandrum, India

 International Cyber Security and Policing Conference


Mr. Nehchal Sandhu
Deputy National Security Advisor and former Intelligence Bureau Director

Mr. Nehchal Sandhu, Deputy National Security Advisor, is an IPS officer of 1973 Batch borne on Bihar Cadre. He completed his tenure as Director Intelligence Bureau on december 2012 and was inducted into the National Security Council Secretariate and then made the Dy.NSA in march 2013

Mr. Sandhu, with his vast experience in intelligence and physical security, is the right choice to restore to the NSCS its due role as a co-ordinating centre in internal security strategizing.

He is a very pleasant officer, who has enjoyed a consistent reputation as a good team player with no trace of service or institutional parochialism.

Mr. Sandhu will be an asset in the processing and implementation of the recommendations of the Naresh Chandra Task Force on the modernization of our national security set-up. Its flagship chapters relate to internal security, intelligence revamp and cyber security and an experienced officer like Mr. Sandhu should be of immense assistance to the NSA and the Government in ensuring effective implementation.

He carries a rich and varied experience in the field of policing, intelligence collection & counter-terrorism.

He has held various important positions and assignments. He has also served overseas in Canada as a Counsellor in the High Commission of India in Ottawa.

Nehchal Sandhu is the proud recipient of prestigious Indian Police Medal for Meritorious Service (1988), President's Police Medal for Distinguished Service (1998) and several commendations.
Bessie Pang
Executive Director The Society for the Policing of Cyberspace (POLCYB)

Ms. Pang is a Criminology Consultant. Ms. Pang moved to Canada from the United Kingdom after receiving her B.A. Hons. in Developmental Psychology with Cognitive Studies, which included Artificial Intelligence programming. After completing her M.A. Degree in Criminology in Vancouver, Ms. Pang worked in various fields of Criminology, including the British Columbia Forensics Psychiatric Commission, and the National Headquarters of Correctional Services Canada in Ottawa.

Ms. Pang was commissioned by the B.C. Forensic Psychiatric Commission to develop the first comprehensive, “Standards and Guidelines for the Assessment, Treatment and Management of Sex Offenders in British Columbia”. Ms. Pang also has extensive experience in statistical research and policy development, including in the areas of sex offenders, serious offenders, youth gangs and youth violence, female offenders, community policing, domestic violence, equity employment, offender reintegration, and community outreach.

Ms. Pang is one of the founders of The Society For The Policing Of Cyberspace (POLCYB). Based in Vancouver, Canada, POLCYB is an international society devoted to enhancing international collaboration and private-public partnerships to combat cybercrime. In addition to other consultation projects, Ms. Pang is also the Executive Director of POLCYB.

Ms. Pang was awarded the prestigious Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2013. The medal was presented to Ms. Pang in recognition of her significant achievements and continuous contributions to the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) mandate of “leading progressive change in policing”.

Donn Hoffman, Deputy District Attorney, High Technology Crime Division, Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office
Donn Hoffman is a Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles, California. He is an accomplished trial lawyer and a recognized authority on cybercrime. Donn is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Southern California School of Law. Before studying law, Donn worked as a research engineer and software developer. He entered public service and joined the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office soon after earning his JD. After a decade prosecuting murder, gang, elder abuse, and other crimes, Donn joined the High Technology Crime Division. He is assigned to prosecute the most complex network intrusion, cyber harassment and identity theft cases, working closely with local, state and Federal agencies, and with private industry security personnel. Donn serves as legal counsel and special prosecutor for the Los Angeles CIRT. He is an adjunct professor teaching computer forensics law and a sought-after speaker on cybercrime, identity theft, and digital evidence.
Leonid Tymchenko, Deputy Chief, Cybercrime Division Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine
Leonid joined the National Academy of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (NAIA) in August 1996 and has spent 4 years studying. In July 2000, he graduated from the Academy and got his higher degree in law. Since August 2000 most of his time working for criminal investigation related for high tech crimes. He worked in different regions of Ukraine – Vinnitsa, Ternopoland Odessa. In October 2004 he joined the National Academy of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and in October 2005 received his Magister in Law degree. Since August 2006 he worked in the Headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Department for Combatting EconomicCrimes (Kyiv). In May 2010 he received PhD in law.

Following his successful completion of the crime investigator’s course, Leonidbecame involved in various investigations in online crimes, such as internet fraud, online banking attack, payment cards fraud etc.

In 2011, he was assigned to the Deputy Chief of Cybercrime Division of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Since then, he has successfully concluded numerous investigations in major cyber crimes in Ukraine. He also has extensive experience in international joint investigation project, through which he built a wide range of international cooperation network.

In 2011, Leonid graduated from the FBI National Academy (247th Session).

Leonid received the certificates of Interpol, Europol, KNPU, VISA, Cyprus Police University, and is also the author of one book,“Combatting Payment Cards Fraud”.
Dr. Phil Polstra, University of Dubuque, USA
Phil was born at an early age. He cleaned out his savings at age 8 in order to buy a TI99-4A computer for the sum of $450. Two years later he learned 6502 assembly and has been hacking computers and electronics ever since. Phil currently works as a professor at a private Midwestern university. He teaches computer security and forensics. His current research focus involves use of microcontrollers and small embedded computers for forensics and pentesting. Prior to entering academia, Phil held several high level positions at well-known US companies. He holds a couple of the usual certs one might expect for someone in his position. Phil is also an accomplished aviator with several thousand hours of flight time. He holds 12 ratings including instructor, commerical pilot, mechanic, inspector, and avionics tech. When not working, he likes to spend time with his family, fly, hack electronics, and has been known to build airplanes.
Alok Vijayant, NTRO, PMO
Director of The National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO) – India’s premier apex scientific organization under the National Security Advisor in the Prime Minister’s Office. It was set up in 2004 and also includes the National Institute of Cryptology Research and Development (NICRD), which is first of its kind in Asia.
Esteban Ribicic, working with Globant
For the last 14 years, Esteban has been around security. Initially on very technical roles and later. As his hair grew whiter, his focus swifted towards governance and business aspects of security. He leads the development and implementation across several organisations of an open-source IT GRC application:

He hold some formal education (studied Engineering, working on an MBA), security oriented certificates (CISSP, CISA, CISM, ISO27K LA, Etc) and participated on conferences (in some not just having drinks but also speaking) with other security organisations (OWASP, ISACA, Etc).

Although Esteban was born and raised in Argentina, for the last decade he has been living with his wife and son in Europe, mostly Slovakia.
Captain Frederick Gaudreau. Officer in charge, Technological Support Unit, Sûreté du Québec, Canada.
Captain Frederick Gaudreau is the Officer in charge of the Sûreté du Québec, technological support unit. He manages the investigative technological support for the Sûreté du Québec. He also coordinates a multitude of development projects in partnership with organizations dedicated to the fight against cybercrime. Mr.Gaudreau represents the Sûreté du Québec on several committees and study groups such as the Canadian Federal/Provincial/Territorial study group on cybercrime, FRANCOPOL, POLCYB (The Society for Policing in Cyberspace), NCFTA (National Cyber-Forensic and Training Alliance), ICANN (Internet Corporation on Assigned Names and Numbers) and the AFSIN (Association Francophone des Spécialistes en Investigation Numérique). He is the co-chair of the Canadian Association of Chief of Police E-Crime Committee and a member of the Concordia University CIISE Industrial Advisory Board. He also represented the Sûreté du Québec during several symposiums and conventions in Québec, Canada and Internationally. Mr. Gaudreau holds a BS from the Université du Quebec à Trois-Rivières on Public Safety.
ANTOINE NORMAND. Chief Executive Officer, BlueBear LES, CANADA
Antoine Normand has taken over the management of BlueBear LES, a software company specialized in the fight against online child exploitation in 2007. Antoine Normand is a technology and cybercrime expert. He delivered numerous conferences on the topic of cybercrime and visual data forensic to police agencies of Europe, Asia and the USA. On February 27th 2013, Antoine Normand was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his commitment to combating child exploitation on the Internet worldwide.

Before being the CEO and majority shareholder at BlueBear LES, Antoine Normand co-founded Cactus Commerce in 1995. He was responsible of corporate governance, financial management, M&A and operations. Between 1995 and 2006, he was instrumental in positioning Cactus as a world leader in e-commerce solutions on the Microsoft platform. In 2006, Cactus employed a team of 125 professionals located in Cactus offices of Gatineau, Toronto, Montréal and Chicago. Antoine Normand sold his participation in Cactus in 2006.

Antoine received his Civil Law License from the University of Ottawa in 1996.

Antoine Normand is involved with numerous community and fundraising organizations. He was recently appointed President of the Gatineau Chamber of Commerce. He also served as vice-president of CÉRO, a local think thank focused on regional economic development. He was recently appointed as board member of the Canadian Francophone Games 2014 and of the Compagnie de Chemin de fer de l'Outaouais.

From 2006 to 2010, he was elected president of the Gatineau Health Foundation after more than 4 years as vice-president. As president of the foundation he is de facto a director at the board of the Gatineau Health Center. He was also elected President of the Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants du Québec representing Canada at this French organization that promotes entrepreneurship and human values in the corporate world in Paris, France. He served as a director of the Gatineau Economic Development Corporation, of the Solidarity Fund FTQ-Outaouais (local VC), of the 4th Francophone Games fund and at the Ottawa Partnership board (city of Ottawa Economic Development).
Raymond H. Velez, Regional Manager, Asia Pacific, Global Security, Eli Lilly And Company
Raymond H. Velez is currently the Regional Manager, Asia Pacific, Global Security, Eli Lilly And Company, a global pharmaceutical company. In this role, he manages anti-counterfeiting investigations in the Asia Pacific Region.

Mr. Velez retired from the US Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI) in 2001 after having spent 21 years in various investigative positions in the United States, Thailand, India and Pakistan. He has broad experience in investigations ranging from terrorism to drug trafficking. He has also conducted training of police and other government officials throughout Asia and the United States.

Since retirement from the FBI, Mr. Velez also worked as the Senior Investigator for Microsoft Corporation, Law and Corporate Affairs, responsible for IPR investigations in South Asia Pacific. Mr. Velez is also a Certified Fraud Examiner and has completed several computer forensics courses.
Dinesh O. Bareja. CISA, CISM, ITIL, BS: 7799 (Imp & LA), Cert IPR Cyber Surveillance Advisor at Cyber Defence Research Center, (Jharkhand Police – Special Branch)
Information Security Management professional with over two decades experience in manufacturing, trading and services, he has been practising in the Information Security and Management domain for over 10 years.

At CDRC he is responsible for conceptualizing, planning, strategy and policy development for various cyber security initiatives to ensureprotection of government assets and citizen protection in the State of Jharkhand; and for devising the state policies for Cyber Security in private and public entities, Critical Information Infrastructure Protection, Crisis Management, Intelligence gathering and more.

Presently his specialization is in Enterprise and Government domain in areas of Information Security Strategy, Policy development, Planning and Oversight. He is particularly interested in areas like Threat Intelligence, Digital Forensics, Critical Infrastructure Protection, SOC, CERT etc.

He is the co-founder of the Indian Honeynet Project which is also supported by CDRC and is presently setting up an India-wide Honeynetwork to analyse malicious trafficand to observe threat and attack vectors.

He is associated with Open Security Alliance andIndiaWatch.inthefirst India centric knowledge and research firm focussed on Information and Data Security and with a number of security firms in advisory capacity.

He can be reached at dinesh (at) opensecurityalliance (dot) org on Twitter @bizsprite
Vivek Ramachandran. Founder, SecurityTube.Net.
Vivek Ramachandran started working on Wi-Fi Security since 2003. He has spoken at conferences such as Blackhat, Defcon and Toorcon on Wireless Security and is the discoverer of the Caffe Latte attack. He also broke WEP Cloaking, a WEP protection schema in 2007 publically at Defcon. Vivek is the author of the book "Wireless Penetration Testing using BackTrack 5" due for release in August 2011. He was one of the programmers of the 802.1x protocol and Port Security in Cisco's 6500 Catalyst series of switches. He was one of the winners of Microsoft Security Shootout contest held in India among a reported 65,000 participants. He is best known in the hacker community as the founder of where he routinely posts videos on Wi-Fi Security, Assembly Language, Exploitation Techniques etc. gets over 100,000 unique visitors a month. Vivek's work on wireless security has been quoted in BBC online, InfoWorld, MacWorld, The Register, IT World Canada etc.
Aseem Jakhar, Payatu Labs.
Aseem Jakhar is the Director, research at Payatu Technologies Pvt Ltd a boutique security testing company. He has extensive experience in system programming, security research, consulting and managing security software development projects. He has worked on various security software including IBM ISS Proventia UTM appliance, Mirapoint messaging/security appliance, anti-spam engine, anti-virus software, multicast packet reflector, Transparent HTTPS proxy with captive portal, bayesian spam filter to name a few. He is an active speaker at security and open source conferences; some of the conferences he has spoken at include AusCERT, Defcon,, Blackhat, Xcon, Cyber security summit, Cocon, OSI Days, Clubhack, Gnunify. His research includes Linux remote thread injection, automated web application detection and dynamic web filter. He is the author of open source Linux thread injection kit - Jugaad and Indroid which demonstrate a stealthy malware infection technique. He is well known in the hacking and security community as the founder of null - The open security community, registered not-for-profit organization , the largest security community in India and the founder of nullcon security conference
Rohit Srivastwa. Founder, ClubHACK, IN.
Rohit Srivastwa is a well known security evangelist and founder of India's first ever hackers conference called ClubHack which is organized in Pune every year on the first weekend of December. He has an expertise in cyber crime investigation and IT infrastructure management. Rohit is actively involved advising several military agencies, law enforcement personnel, media, corporate and Government bodies in these fields. In Jan 2012 Rohit was awarded by prestigious Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award for 2012 in the domain of “Enterprise Security”.
Tarun Wig, Founder, Innefu.
Mr. Tarun Wig is a serial entrepreneur with more than ten years of experience in the field of information security.

With a vision to create indigenous security products which will use technology to solve problems rather than a process dependent on human factors, Mr. Wig co-founded Innefu Labs, an information security research and development organization based out of India. Since its inception, Innefu has created India’s first indigenous two factor authentication system – AuthShield, an indigenous link analysis framework and tactical internet interception system for botnet detection at ISP level.

Apart from devoting time for creating the latest security products in Innefu, Mr. Wig also works as a consultant for multiple organizations and law enforcement agencies in the domain of cyber intelligence and investigation. He was instrumental in solving a cyber extortion case involving a gang of cyber criminals spread between India and Indonesia. Some of the other agencies he has worked with include Indian Army, State Police Departments including Delhi police, J & K State Police etc.

Mr. Wig has given more than hundred seminars in universities, corporate, CII forums etc and is frequently featured in the media.
Maria Bellarmine. CISO, Tech Mahindra Ltd., IN.
Maria Bellarmine Maria Bellarmine is the CISO of Tech Mahindra Ltd and heads the function responsible for global Information Security compliance. He has 24 years of industry experience in the fields of software development, network management, entrepreneurial ventures, business operations and information security. He is a certified Lead Auditor for ISO27001 and BS25999. He holds ITIL, CBCP, CISM, CPISI and CEH certifications. He heads an Information Security compliance team known for innovative work through alternative thinking into security awareness promotional efforts, SMEs on core domains of information security, home grown automated tools for customized dashboards and balanced scorecards etc. for the varied challenges of both ITS and BPO industries. He led the team to win 'DSCI Excellence Award 2012' for Security in IT Services (large) and also one of the three finalists in the category 'Privacy' implementation. He is part of DSCI Special Advisory groups on ‘International Data Flow & Data Protection’ as well as 'Security Assessments' and actively involved in national initiatives on Information Security.
Rahul Sasi, Security Researcher
Rahul Sasi (fb1h2s) is working as a Security Researcher for a Global Research firm. He has authored multiple security tools, advisories and articles. He has been invited to speak at various security conferences like HITB [KL], BlackHat [US Arsenal], Cocon (2011, 2012), Nullcon (2011, 2012,2013), HITB (AMS 2012,2013), BlackHat (EU 2012), EKoparty (Argentina),CanSecwest(Canada 2013). His work could be found at Garage4Hackers.
Lavakumar Kuppan. Project Founder, IronWASP, India.
Lavakumar is the founder of the IronWASP project, the advanced Web Security Testing Platform. He has authored multiple security tools like HAWAS, 'Shell of the Future', JS-Recon, Imposter and the HTLM5 based Distributed Computing System - Ravan. As a security researcher he has discovered several novel attacks that include a sandbox bypass on Flash Player, WAF bypass technique using HTTP Parameter Pollution, multiple HTML5 attacks and a CSRF protection bypass technique using CickJacking & HPP which was voted by peers and experts as the 5th best 'web security hack' of 2010. His works have been covered by leading media portals including the Forbes. All his research and tools are available at the Attack and Defense Labs website. He also maintains the HTML5 Security Resources Repository website. He has spoken at multiple conferences like BlackHat, OWASP AppSec Asia, SecurityByte, ClubHack, NullCon etc on topics ranging from browser exploitation to HTML5 Security. He is also the recipient of the Black Shield Luminaire award.
Ajit Hatti. Co-founder, Null - Open security Community.
Ajit Hatti is a Co-founder of "null -Open security community" the largest community of Hackers in India. Apart form securing technologies and products, he loves to design puzzles, CTFs and JailBreak at nullcon and other conferences.

His work is focused on Infrastructure Security, providing Trusted Computing On Hostile Platforms & most of his papers are in social interests. Recently he had presented a paper on "Lets Play - Applanting" at Blackhat Amsterdam which got very good support.

Currently working with Symantec Corporation, he has worked as an Engineer and Researcher with many security companies like IBM-ISS, Bulelane, Zscaler in past.

Also he has presented his security research at BlackHat, NullCon and many other security initiatives like OWASP, ClubHack and various other security symposiums.
Anant Shrivastava Consultant Analyst, 7Safe a part of PA Consulting Group
Anant Shrivastava works as a Consultant Analyst with 7Safe a part of PA consulting Group. He holds a GWAPT, CEH, CSTP and RHCE. He has been speaker at various conferences like Nullcon, c0c0n, Clubhack, his talks are focused on android. He is the creator of Android Tamer – VM for android security professionals. Active member of Null, Garage4Hackers. His expertise remains in Linux, Web Applications (Dev and security testing) and Mobile devices (OS and Application) Security.
Alok Gupta. Founder - Pyramid Cyber Security & Forensic
With over 24 years of rich and varied experience in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry Alok as a parallel entrepreneur co-founded several ICT companies such as Samtech, airJaldi, XENSIXand Pyramid, a boutique Digital Crime, Fraud and Forensic solution and services provider to Law Enforcement and Enterprises of which he is the Founder & Managing Director.

As a past member of the National Committee on Information Technology for Confederation of Indian Industries(CII), Alok advised and provided deep insights into how can Indian Enterprises and Government leverage use of ICT and Information Security to compete and grow in the global economy.

As a member of The IndUS Entrepreneurs (TiE) Alok mentors young entrepreneurs. Alok is also the President of the Alumni Association of Birla Institute of Management Technology and a founding member of Birla Alumni Association Network. Alok has also been inducted as Board of Members of the Amity Institute of Cyber Law & Cyber Crimes and member of the IMS Law advisory committee. Alok is also the founding member of the DSCI Cyber Forensic Forum (DCFF) representing the Digital Forensic industry
Swatantra Gupta. Consultant with a Big 4 Consulting Firm
Swatantra is a co-founder and moderator of the information security awareness community – Team Matrix ( – a community dedicated to spread information security awareness. He is the Community Leader for the ISACA Online Community for ISO 27001.He is currently working as a Consultant with a Big 4 Consulting firm in India. He has been instrumental in executing several information security, data centre and e-governance engagements across India. He has also been involved with several MNCs for Application Security Assessments and ISO 27001 Advisory assessments.
Harsh Patel (Associate of ISC2 – CISSP) , Capgemini
Harsh is a Bitcoin education committee member in Bitcoin Foundation and a fellow at bitcoin education project. He is a co-founder and moderator of Team Matrix, (An online Information security community for spreading awareness of information security.)He is currently working in Capgemini as a security consultant. His areas of interest include anything and everything in the domain of Information security, cryptography and virtual economics. He is actively involved in research in Information security and his previous researches include NepenthesFE and IORNGRID.
Jayesh Singh Chauhan. Penetration Tester, Cognizant, India
Certified Ethical Hacker with about 1.9 years of experience with Application Security and testing. Author of open source tools - CSRF PoC Generator and SKANDA. Spoke at DEFCONKerala, 2013. Very enthusiastic about making automated tools in order to make a Pen Tester's life easier.
Swaroop Yermalkar. working with Persistent Systems Ltd, India
Swaroop Yermalkar has completed BE from MIT Institute and currently working with Persistent Systems Ltd. He is Certified Ethical Hacker, enthusiastic and hobbyist for Infosec. He was speaker at GNUnify - Asia'a Largest Open Source Event. He has given many talks and conducted over 12+ hrs humla training sessions for null community. He has written 4 articles for clubHACK magazine. He has also worked with Pune Cyber Cell in Programs such as Cybersafe-Pune. He was event head of Hackathon - Pune's Biggest Engineering Level Hacking Competition. He was attendant of various Hacking conferences such as clubHACK 2011, nullcon 2013.
Nikhil.P.Kulkarni. Cyber Security Researcher
Mr. Nikhil.P.Kulkarni is a 21 year old one of the youngest Cyber Security Researchers of India. He was one of the key speakers at DEFCON Bangalore Meet where he presented his research paper on Credit Card Frauds.

He is also an active member of the NULL Security Community and has presented his talks at NULL Bangalore Chapter and NULL Mysore Chapter.

He has helped various companies such as DELL, TechCrunch, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Barracuda Networks, Engine Yard, etc. in improving their Network Security.

He has also found various Vulnerabilities/Security weaknesses in websites such as,, DELL, Harmony App, Phishtank, MakeUseOf and many more.

He has been appreciated by Cyber Czar Kim Dotcom for his efforts and has received an appreciation letter from the CMO of “Mega Privacy Ltd.”

He has been listed and acknowledged in various “HALL OF FAMES” of various companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, Nokia, Yandex , Barracuda Networks and many more…
Shruthi Kamath. Certified Ethical Hacker, working for Infosys Limited
Shruthi Kamath has completed B.Tech from Amrita University and currently working for Infosys Limited. She has 1 year of experience in Application Security. She is a Certified Ethical Hacker from EC Council. She is asecurity enthusiast and is interested in long term career in Security Field. She is anactive member of Null Mysore and has also presented talks at Mysore chapter. She was attendant of Hacking conference nullcon 2013.
Harshal Jamdade. Certified Ethical Hacker
Harshal Jamdade is a Certified Ethical Hacker with 4 years of experience in Web Application Security. She has worked on secure code review and security testing of web applications. She has experience in technical and process domain of security. She is working for recognized client in Infosys. She is interested in exploring security tools and enhancing security testing.
Abhinav Mohanty. Security enthusiast and researcher, works for Infosys Technologies
Abhinav Mohanty Abhinav works for Infosys Technologies from the past 1 year and is a budding security enthusiast and researcher. He is also a developer and is currently working on the creation of a system which will help in the Automation of LED Streetlights.
Anirudh Duggal. Developer and application security researcher, working with INFOSYS technologies
Anirudh has been working with INFOSYS technologies as a developer and application security researcher since August 2012. He has won Nullcon jailbreak 2013 and was also put in Microsoft list of security researchers for revealing some bugs in Microsoft sites. He has done some more disclosure for other firms also. He is currently working on raspberry pi driven projects which include security and sustainability.
Riyaz Walikar. Computer Security Evangelist, working with One of the Big 4
I'am a Web Application Security Engineer / Pentester for food, shelter, fun and passion with over 6 years of field experience. I currently work at the world's largest consulting company where I lead the Pentesting and Security research team in the Core Security Group. I'm also an active member of OWASP Bangalore chapter and moderator of the Bangalore chapter of null - India's largest open security community ( I have disclosed several security issues in popular software like Apache Archiva, Openfire, Joomla!, EJabberd and have found vulnerabilities with popular web applications like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Cisco, Symantec, Mozilla, PayPal, Ebay, Apigee, Yahoo, Adobe, Tumblr, Pinterest etc. for which I'm on the Hall of Fame for most of these services. I have also spoken at several international security conferences including OWASP AppsecUSA, Austin 2012, BlackHat Abu Dhabi 2012, nullcon Delhi 2012 and c0c0n 2011.

When not breaking web applications and servers on the Internet you will probably find me trying his hands at photography and traveling.
Yashin Mehaboobe. Security Researcher - Computer Security and Privacy Foundation
I'm a security researcher with the CSPF and a Student Partner with Microsoft. My areas of interest in this field span Hardware Security, Social Engineering, Network Security, Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering. I had discovered a denial of service vulnerability in Android that I reported to Google and presented at Defcon Kerala. My work includes creating a changelog.txt based web application fingerprinting script for nmap, automated malware detection system for the Raspberry Pi, a network proxy in Python and a malware analysis framework in Python. I was the winner of the Defkthon CTF held at Defcon Kerala. I'm currently pursuing my Bachelors in Computer Science.

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