August 20-21, 2015
Le Meridien Hotel, Kochi, INDIA


Mr. Paul Amicelli

How to secure the keyboard chain

Mr. Roshdi Osman

Deputy CISO - Banque Saudi Fransi
Saudi Arabia | Banking
Implications of IoT, Big Data, Cognitive Systems upon Financial Crimes

Ajith Hatti

Symantec Corporation
Co-founder of null
WS: Penetration Testing Cryptography & PKI Implementations

Mr. Irolla Paul

IT Engineer
ESIEA (C + V)^O Lab
(In)Security of Mobile Banking...and of Other Mobile Apps

Akash Mahajan

Founder and community Manager at null
Chapter Leader, OWASP Bangalore
Mobile Banking Apps in India - A Survey on Security using automated tools

Abhijeth Dugginapeddi

Security Analyst
Adobe Systems
Attack chaining for web exploitation- "From Information leakage to gaining Root access"

Rahul Sasi

Founder and CTO of CloudSek
Digital Wildfires and Social Media Coercion

Divya S. John

Consultant Analyst
Hacking RFIDs under 2000 INR

Riyaz Ahemed Walikar

Web Application Pentester
Security evangelist
A Pentester's Methodology to Discover, Automate and Exploit Windows Privilege Escalation flaws.

Ajin Abraham

Application Security Engineer
Automated Security Analysis of Android & iOS Applications with Mobile Security Framework

Francis Alexander

Information Security Researcher
NoPo - The NoSQL HoneyPot Framework

Anirudh Duggal

Security Engineer
Medical device security and critical infrastructure inside hospitals

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